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So our little shop on Etsy has really started taking off! We love our printable planner pages and apparently, so do others! I decided that it was time to do a  quick run through for those who purchase our printable planner pages. I often have questions related to printing, sizing, etc. and I thought I could address them one at a time in one place!

Hopefully this clears up some confusion!

How do I print pages that are half size? (5.5 x 8.5)

First, I cut all of my pages in half BEFORE I start printing. This may sound strange, but it works SO WELL for me! I figure out how many pages I need and divide it by two. Then I cut my paper with a cutting board (or you can get it cut at your local office supply store for a few dollars).

I make sure that my printer and paper is lined up properly. Some printers have a slider that holds the paper in place. Make sure this is snug. If not, paper can slide around and clip off some of your beautiful printable!

There is a section that I use every time I print something on "abnormal" size paper. Sometimes I want to print half size, sometimes a special size for a special project, etc. One little click is all I do! At the print dialog box, check the box that says, "Choose page source by PDF page size." I also make sure I have selected "shrink over sized pages" just to make sure I don't clip any weird margins. That's it!

I also make sure to print all of one side first, then all of the opposing side. I don't have a double sided printing ability on my printer, so I do all of the evens or odds first (depending on if the first page is instructions or a cover or whatever). :)

 Hope that helps a little and lessens your confusion!!